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Available Boats And Prices

Motor boats – up to 5 adults or 4 adults + 2 children:

£20 per 30 minutes (£20 deposit).
The motor boats are self driven and comforably seat up to 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 children. Powered by an outboard engine and easily operated by a steering wheel and throttle they are fun and easy to use for the whole family.

Paddle boats – up to 4 adults:

£15 per 30 minutes (£15 deposit).
These can also have a maximum of 5 people and are powered by the pedals in the two front seats, much like those found on a bike!

Rowing boats – up to 4 adults:

£15 per 45 minutes (£15 deposit).
Rowing boats can have a maximum of 5 people. A basic knowledge of rowing is helpful when using these boats, but it is by no means essential and first-timers are more than welcome.

For all boat rentals a deposit is required, refundable on return. Misconduct forfeits deposit. Hire conditions apply. Group bookings by prior arrangement. Management reserve the right to refuse rental.